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Interesting Ideas Utilizing Attic Home

Attic or roof space is a room that is often not used in a house. Whereas, if your house is bordered by the neighboring areas and narrow, and the need of room in your house increase, it is a good idea to take advantage of roof space or attic as extra room. Apparently, the attic

Inspiring Home Office Furniture for Relaxing Work

Working is one of activities that need much of energy. Besides, people will need comfortable and inspiring place to work. The place to work is office. The office has to be arranged well. Here, you will see cool office with amazing arrangement. First, you will see white office with wall shelves, comfortable chair, computer, and

The Classic-Modern House Design Interior

This sophisticated home in the suburbs was designed by Alexandra Fedorova. The interior is spacious and warm, with an easy elegance that invites relaxation. There is a part of this house that is applied by classic and modern design interior. It is living room, dining room and kitchen that is united into one space or

Great House by House Design: Hsieh’s House

Hsieh’s House is cool house that is placed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The house is designed by House Design and that was finished in 2014. The house is cool with combination of black and white. Going inside to the house, you will see some nice accessories, such as red sculpture, small vases hanged on the wall,

Smart ideas in designing luxurious house

Decorating a luxurious house is interesting guys. Who does not want to have a luxurious house design? Everyone surely will be pleasant in having the luxurious house. Well, decorating a luxurious house is not too difficult as in your imagine.  Here, it will tell you about the smart ideas in designing the luxurious house. First,

Elegant and Luxurious Rococo Home Design

European mostly is known by their great architecture. We may see Colostrum, Pisa, Eiffel and another great architecture which is well-known in world and they become most viewed and interesting places to visit. That is why there are many countries which follow their construction and idea. Not only following their construction but also they want