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What a Cute Baby Bedroom with Elegant Design Ideas

Decorating baby bedroom will be interesting. You can play your imagination to create cute decoration for the bedroom. You can add some accessories to make to room more beautiful. Besides, you have to choose suitable color for the baby bedroom. Here, you will see some examples of the baby bedroom. First, you will see green

House Planning Decoration

There are things that should be highlighted from a building. It is intended to make the home look more attractive. In planning a home design, we have to determine first, which parts we want to show off. It is because the house will look dull if the entire space was designed with magnificent. We just

Exotic and humble Japanese living room

Japanese culture is unique and famous throughout the world as they’re doing well at exporting their culture. Not only art, traditions and cuisine, their residence style is also noteworthy. It’s like they put the art itself when design and build the residence. Japanese people are well-known for their hospitality, respect, and modesty. These attitudes apply most

Fresh Fertile Environment for Wonderful Home

Home is incredible place to have life together with family member. The home will provide safety and comfort for the owner. People can use the home both day and night freely. Of course, they have to aware with condition of the home. They are to make sure that the home is comfortable with great decoration.

Interesting Ideas Utilizing Attic Home

Attic or roof space is a room that is often not used in a house. Whereas, if your house is bordered by the neighboring areas and narrow, and the need of room in your house increase, it is a good idea to take advantage of roof space or attic as extra room. Apparently, the attic

Espace St-Denis creating the intimacy of the space

Who does not know about espace St-Denis as the amazing house exposing a large bookshelf and brick walls on show through the glazed facade of the ground-floor apartment of a triplex in Montreal by Anne Sophie Goneau as a Canadian designer. The people should know that the project has been the design of a 1,