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Interesting Ideas Utilizing Attic Home

Attic or roof space is a room that is often not used in a house. Whereas, if your house is bordered by the neighboring areas and narrow, and the need of room in your house increase, it is a good idea to take advantage of roof space or attic as extra room. Apparently, the attic

Espace St-Denis creating the intimacy of the space

Who does not know about espace St-Denis as the amazing house exposing a large bookshelf and brick walls on show through the glazed facade of the ground-floor apartment of a triplex in Montreal by Anne Sophie Goneau as a Canadian designer. The people should know that the project has been the design of a 1,

Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Design

Halloween is celebrated on 30 October as the night harvest celebration by the farmers. It is celebrated by all ages from children up to adults. People who attend this party, they wear identical scary Halloween costume such as ghosts, aliens, zombies, and etc. Then the costumes are combined by creepy make-up for instance by adding

Minimalist and modern apartment bedroom ideas

By living in apartment, many people feel get the comfortable easily compares living in a home as usual. Usually, we will get some bedrooms that have the interesting designs. In fact, almost of the rooms in the apartment have the minimalist appearance. It will make us get easy to set the furniture layout in the

Kids Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Thinking about decorating boy’s room, you will get additional task. Since there are many decorating style,design, and themes. Let him show his interests and talents. It will make him learn about making decision and how to be creative. You can help your son in choosing the best color for his bedroom. Be careful in deciding the style and

Alternative Furniture For Small Rooms

In home interior design, we often facing a problem that we have to deal with small rooms. In this situation, we have to be able to put all of the stuffs in that room without making it looks so messy. In order to maintain tidy and clean room, we should has smart ideas on how