Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Design

The collection of frightened pumpkin carvings

Halloween is celebrated on 30 October as the night harvest celebration by the farmers. It is celebrated by all ages from children up to adults. People who attend this party, they wear identical scary Halloween costume such as ghosts, aliens, zombies, and etc. Then the costumes are combined by creepy make-up for instance by adding blood accent in their face.

Another that, Halloween is identical with orange and black colors. Orange is a symbol of strength and durability,whereas black is meant by death and darkness symbols.

One thing that does not forgotten for celebrating Halloween party is frightened pumpkin carving or known as Jack O’ Lanterns. The pumpkins (primary material) is carved by monster designs and then within it, added the candles for creating the creeps sensation.

Do not forget, making a sweet pumpkin cake as one of the special dish for Halloween party.

The small creepy pumpkin carving

The interesting Hello Kitty pumpkin carving

The Halloween greeting pumpkin carving

The pumpkin carving with sweet pumpkin cake pieces

The beautiful pumpkin carving

The ghosts pumpkin carving design

The amazing pumpkin carving

The scared cave bat pumpkin carving

The Halloween party icons

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The collection of frightened pumpkin carvingsThe small creepy pumpkin carvingThe interesting Hello Kitty pumpkin carvingThe Halloween greeting pumpkin carvingThe pumpkin carving with sweet pumpkin cake piecesThe beautiful pumpkin carvingThe ghosts pumpkin carving designThe amazing pumpkin carvingThe scared cave bat pumpkin carvingThe Halloween party icons

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